The Fleece Factory 5: a guide for bachelors (places, birthdays, likes and dislikes)


In Rune Factory 5, players can choose a date and eventually marry the village townspeople. Regardless of the gender that the player chooses at the beginning of the game, he can marry any suitable bachelor or bride. To start dating a character, strengthen friendships and view his unique stories, players can give gifts according to the interests of the character. To give a gift, players just need to talk to the character in Rune Factory 5 while holding the item in their hands. To maximize friendship points, players must prioritize gifts that the character likes, avoid any unloved items, and earn extra points by remembering their birthday.

Cecil is a young character who dreams of becoming a detective. Players can surprise him with such favorite gifts as Ammonite, Fruit Sandwich, Pink Melon and Relaxing Tea. Cecil will also appreciate the gifts he likes from all fruits, all brooches, Ancient Fish Feather Fins, Melon of the Conqueror, Crystal Skull, Dragon Bones, Fish Fossils and an Unbroken Ivory Tusk. Players must avoid Cecil’s dislike of a branch, a shoe, a jar, cheese, disgusting food, a failed dish, milk, object X, a rare jar, stone, scrap metal, weeds, dried grass and yogurt. Finally, Cecil hates hot milk and milk porridge. For extra points, players can give Cecil a favorite gift on his birthday, the 12th of spring.

Lucas in Rune Factory 5 looks mature and is dressed in beautiful clothes. To win his love, players can give him his favorite dishes: Curry Udon, Fried Udon, Tempura and Tempura Udon. In addition, Lucas will like all the crystals, all the liquids, a jar, curry rice, a mysterious powder, a rare jar and udon. Players should avoid his unloved gifts, such as a Shoe, a Branch, Disgusting Food, An Unsuccessful Dish, Object X, A Stone, Scrap Metal, Weeds and Withered Grass. Lucas has no hateful items, and players can gain additional friendship by giving him something for his birthday, 1st spring.

Rune Factory 5: Guide on gifts for bachelors

Martin is Cecil’s older brother, who dreams of becoming a blacksmith. Players can impress him with their favorite gifts – a fruit sandwich, a dragon stone and an orichalcum. Martin also loves all fruits, all ores, ammonite, conqueror melon, pink melon, scrap metal and scrap metal+. In Rune Factory 5, Martin dislikes abalone, all mushrooms, blowfish, boots, twig, jar, disgusting food, unsuccessful dish, object X, rare jar, stone, weeds and withered grass. Finally, Martin hates getting sashimi from blowfish, grilled abalone in oil and grilled blowfish. Martin’s birthday is Autumn 8.

Murakumo is a carefree werewolf who likes to get Champion Belt, Fried Skipjack, Hero Proof, Power Gloves and Union Stew. This character will like a gift of all the golem stones, a Nail of a big giant, a Glove of a blue giant, Boiled gyoza, Chinese manju, Dragon’s Fang, Dumplings, Gyoza, Meat Dumplings, Pizza, Seafood Pizza and Steamed Gyoza. Players should not give him a branch, a shoe, a cake, a jar, cheesecake, chocolate, disgusting food, a failed dish, French toast, object X, a rare jar, a stone, pancakes, scrap metal, weeds and withered grass. In addition, Murakumo hates chocolate cake, chocolate cookies and chocolate sponge cake. If the players want to celebrate his birthday, they can give him a gift in summer 2.

Reinhard is a candidate for marriage at the Rune Factory 5, a Knight who loves agricultural tools (level above 45), a roll with jam, a sandwich and toast. He will appreciate the gift: Cold Medicine, Disgusting Food, Unsuccessful Dish, Formula, Invinceroid, Iron Shield, Chain Mail, Object X, Pink Turnip Seeds, Potato Seeds, Silver Boots, Strawberry Seeds, Turnip Seeds and Sweet Potato Seeds. Players must avoid his unloved items of all crystals, all gems, boots, twigs, cans, rare cans, stone, scrap metal, weeds and withered grass. Finally, Reinhard hates getting kernels. Players can earn extra friendship points on his birthday, in the fall of the 30th year.

Riker is a lazy and somewhat mysterious carpenter who likes to get croquettes, devil’s blood, devil’s horn, ice cream and mermaid scales. Riker will also enjoy Ancient fins made of fish feathers, Baked apple, Baked onigiri, Fabulous Elixir, French Fries, Glazed Sweet potato, A Fragment of a large hammer, a Roll with jam, a Poisonous king, Popcorn, Fried yams, Toast and a Wind Crystal. Players must avoid his unloved items: Shoe, Branch, Jar, Curry Bread, Manju Curry, Curry Rice, Udon Curry, Disgusting Food, Dry Curry, Unsuccessful Dish, Object X, Rare Jar, Stone, Scrap Metal, Weeds and Withered Grass. . Finally, Riker hates Ultimate Curry and Royal Curry. Players can celebrate the birthday of this bachelor Rune Factory 5 27 winter.