The Flash: Will portray Bart Allen, son of Barry and Iris


According to information from the international press, actor Jordan Fisher will play the future version of Bart Allen, the son of the couple Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) in The Flash.

The actor’s participation will also take place in the 7th season of the DC series, which has been shown on The CW every Tuesday. Apparently, Bart will appear in the 150th total episode of the production, which is expected to be the 17th episode of the current season.

According to the official description of the character, the son of Barry and Iris will be seen as the fastest teenager on the planet. And because of his extremely impulsive behavior, his parents will always be very concerned and at the same time trying to teach him to be patient.

However, a major threat may be emerging in Central City and making Team Flash more and more alert. Everyone will need to work together if they want to defeat their common enemies.

Jordan Fisher has appeared in Teen Wolf and the For All Boys franchise

Now 26, Jordan Fisher collects notable works in his career. In addition to participating in series such as The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2012), Teen Wolf (2015-2016) and Liv and Maddie (2015-2017), he also joined the cast of the second film in the For All Boys franchise and also of Imperfect Dancer, both from Netflix, in 2020.

As a voice actor, he was behind the voices of very important characters from the She-Ra animations and the Princesses of Power and The Adventures of Arquibaldo.

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It is worth mentioning that during the 5th season of The Flash, Barry and Iris also met Bart’s sister (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy). Certainly, the two built an extremely powerful family.

Let’s wait for more news!


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