The Flash: Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes Leave The Series And Fans React!


The Flash fans were dismayed by the news that the original cast members, Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh, are leaving the drama of The CW after 7 seasons.

The audience of the series expressed their sadness on social networks. Some fans even attribute to their characters the fact that they have become loyal viewers of the production.

At the show, already renewed for its 8th year, Valdes, who plays the technology genius Francisco “Cisco” Ramon, will say goodbye at the end of the season, on May 18th.

The situation with Cavanagh, however, is a little more complicated, as he was set to end his participation in the regular cast of the series in season 6. However, due to the delay in production due to the pandemic, he remained regular in the first three episodes of the 7th year. Therefore, he entered as a guest star.

During his time on the show, he appeared in several alternative versions of Dr. Harrison Wells – as well as the archenemy of Flash, Professor Eobard Thawne.

Cavanagh commented on his departure in February 2020 in an Instagram post. “It was a joy to create the elements that make up Wells in Flash,” he said. “Sometimes brusque, sunny, capricious and perpetually unashamed, they will always be linked by a single and unbreakable thread of gratitude. My thanks to everyone on all sides of the screen that make up this superhero show of ours ”.

Although none of the actors commented directly on the latest news, Cavanagh shared a photo of him and Valdes on Instagram. The image shows the stars arm in arm next to the lyrics by John Lennon, from the song “Instant Karma!”, Which says: “Well, we all shine, like the moon, the stars and the sun.”

The Flash episodes air every Tuesday on The CW.


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