The Flash Season 8: Character Dies And Shocks Fans; Creator Comments!


The Flash: The new Season 8 episode of The Flash grew progressively more tense as the audience was watching Barry sink deeper into his own emotions, just as the character Despero had feared.

Things got even worse at the conclusion, when it’s revealed that Joe, a beloved character by the audience, is dead — but not everyone has believed it yet. Not even Barry, the protagonist, who claims to remember nothing of what happened. Is he really losing consciousness of himself, as Despero warned, or are we witnessing a kind of parallel reality?

What happened to Joe West on The Flash?

Eric Wallace, the show’s showrunner, spoke with TV Line about such a shocking moment for the audience and for Grant Gustin’s character on the show.

During the interview, he didn’t give the exact answer about whether Joe was dead or not, but he raised some other points for fans to theorize.

According to his speech, many feel that Joe made a great choice in giving up his badge, but there is still something even bigger to come. It is exactly this factor that will directly influence the plot and specifically the lives of the characters, heading towards a direction that no one – not even Joe himself – knew was coming.

Wallace’s speech suggests that the whole story behind Armageddon and Barry’s own tendency to succumb to madness may go beyond what we know so far. The most interesting thing is to think that Joe himself is also apparently involved in something bigger than what we expect from his character.

We still don’t know if Joe West actually died in Season 8 of The Flash, but we hope, if that’s the case, that he can have an incredible ending as he deserves since the beginning of the series.