The Flash: Season 7 premiere postponed to March


The television network The CW announced, on Wednesday (20), that the 7th season of The Flash had its premiere postponed to March this year. Initially, the new season was due to air in February, but the date was changed due to the extended premiere of Superman & Lois.

New date of The Flash

The 7th season had its premiere postponed from February 23 to March 3 this year. This new week of delay is added to the downtime caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

The postponement, according to the American website Screen Rant, was caused by the premiere of the Superman & Lois series, which will be the new Arrowverse show and will have a super 90-minute debut episode.

Despite the new delay in launching, the producers of The Flash made it clear that the decision was purely logistical and that the plot of the new season will not change at all.

The importance of The Flash

After the end of Arrow, the series about the fastest hero in the world became the main attraction of the Arrowverse, which is the universe in which all the DC series produced by The CW are connected.

Because of this, the events of Superman & Lois may be important for the plot of the new season and, despite the frustrating delay of a week, the wait may be worth it in the not too distant future.


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