The Flash: Season 7 goes on a 2-week hiatus; look!


The Flash: The CW has announced that The Flash, one of its most successful series, will have a 2-week hiatus. Because of this, the 8th episode of the 7th season will not air today (20), and a replay of the 6th episode of the season will be shown in its place.

The broadcaster did not announce the reason for the stoppage, although the time must be used for post-production to work a little more on the episodes to come. A delay was even considered due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the fact is that the show has been recorded with more tranquility recently.

The global health crisis affected the 6th season, which ended in the 19th episode (instead of the traditional 22). The fact gave a new face to the series, which now has story arcs inspired by DC comics, according to showrunner, Eric Wallace.

According to The CW, filming for the current season has now reached its 14th episode. This will be the first break in the show this year, as the episodes have been running weekly since March, when the 7th season debuted.


What will come after the break?

Fans will only be able to watch new chapters of The Flash from May 4, when The People Vs. Killer Frost will be presented. The chapter will show the consequences of Frost surrendering to the authorities, since she intends to plead guilty to all the crimes of the past.

In addition, exciting events will take place until the end of season 7. Among them is the appearance of Green Lantern John Diggle, which was shown for the first time in this shared universe in the Arrow series.

Fans are also eager to see Bart Allen, Barry and Iris’ future son who must step up to help Team Flash against a powerful enemy.


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