The Flash: next episodes will address DC comics theme


According to actor Grant Gustin, the next episodes of The Flash will adapt a theme already known to anyone who is a fan of DC comics. In an interview with the American portal TV Line, Gustin said that the 7th season of the DC series brings an arc “known to the comics, with a very cool story covered in the season”. He also says that the whole team was sad when the recordings ended, as they had a lot of fun during that period.

In the last episode that aired, Eva returned to the Mirrorverse and Iris is back in our dimension. In addition, Barry has regained his superpowers. Thus, the series seems ready to bring new villains and change the direction of the season.

What will be the theme of DC comics covered in The Flash?

At the end of the previous episode, the restoration of Barry’s powers formed some types of lightning in the Central City sky. Soon, fans have already started speculating about the introduction of three new powers, known as Sage Force, Strength Force and Still Force.

These new forces are famous in the comic book arc known as the Flash War. Another indication that this theme will be covered in the DC series was also presented in the synopsis of the episode that will be broadcast on March 30: the villainous Psych will arrive in Central City. Psych is the main driver of Sage Force, a psychic superpower used to bribe other villains.

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