The Flash: learn all about the season 7 premiere



The 7th season of The Flash started airing this Tuesday (2) with lots of relevant information to the public and unexpected events.

The title “All’s Wells That Ends Wells” (in a free translation) went deeper into the recovery dynamics of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) with the help of Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh).

However, during conversations and experiments, Nash ends up making a decision on behalf of Team Flash.

Want to know more? Then check out all about the 7th season premiere of The Flash with our recap!

The Flash: characters meet at different times of their journey at the beginning of season 7

At the end of the sixth wave of episodes, shown in 2020, viewers followed a painful outcome for the hero Flash. In this way, the premiere of the 7th season tries to solve the problem at all costs. Everyone involved was trying to create an artificial Speed ​​Force.

But Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) were involved in their own missions. Thus, Barry had to count on the support of Nash and Chester (Brandon McKnight) to resume his powers as soon as possible.

The rush is legitimate, as one of the main goals at the moment is to prevent Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor), also known as Mirror Mistress, from executing her evil plans.

In the middle of the process, however, things became tiring and almost completely disrupted everything that had been built so far. While everything seemed stagnant, Nash is able to analyze all the processes in a more practical way.

According to him, because the multiverse particles are very volatile, there is no way for them to remain in this sphere long enough to be fully charged, unless they can count on the help of an organic receptor.

In this sense, it is suggested that Nash is this organic receptor. However, he would need to sacrifice himself in order to recover Barry’s powers, which, at first, makes him very uncomfortable and furious. The Flash situation was critical, as the hero could even die if nothing was done in time.

Analyzing things better, Nash makes his decision and faces the facts in a pragmatic way, sacrificing himself in favor of Barry Allen and Team Flash. With a device invented by Chester, Allegra (played by Kayla Compton) was able to push the multiverse particles back to Nash with her powers, healing Barry.

So Nash did what he knew he had to do and grabbed the fusion sphere with both hands, despite the cries of protest from Barry, who did not want anyone else to die because of him. But the decision was already made. At that moment, Barry started to run so that the artificial Speed ​​Force could work its magic.

Nash disintegrated, but allowed the Flash to take off at super speed to prevent the Mirror Mistress from blowing up a plane full of weapons over Central City. The outcome of the episode was quite apotheotic and exciting. What will happen?

The next episode of The Flash will air on March 9 on The CW.