The Flash Kids are Secretly DC’s Next dynamic duo

With the return of Flash’s children, Airi and Jai, Wally West is busy keeping the dynamic duo in constant trouble wherever they go. The children, although very young, have already become quite strong and have participated in some of Wally’s adventures. When Airi leads an attack into danger, Jai follows him, and with their combined strength, fighting the bad guys becomes almost as easy as pie for two. Since they are so young, their powers and abilities have a lot to grow and develop.
With DC’s new focus on the children of its most famous heroes, Airi and Jai have woven themselves into many Flash storylines, even becoming part of the problem or solution to many of Wally’s fights. Airi and Jai could become DC’s next “Supersyns” and become a charming children’s duo who fight crime with their still developing abilities. The emphasis on developing abilities gives children many reasons to follow their father into dangerous situations.
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Like their Super Sons, Damian Wayne and John Kent, the West twins perform incredible feats of bravery and enjoy their excitement and strength. Super Sons have proven that it’s hard to keep track of two super-powered kids, but with this new duo, Wally West will have to face the challenge of controlling two speedsters. Their dynamic is what many former Super Sons fans have appreciated: Airi is the “rebel” and “troublemaker” of the two, and Jai is a “reasonable” person who tries (and fails) to keep his sister. out of trouble. In fact, in “Flash #778” (by Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin), Airi and her friend Maxine are kidnapped when they sneak out of Airi’s house. Jai immediately rushed into danger to bring his sister home safe and sound, and in order to save her, he rediscovered his connection with the Speed Force and regained his powers. The two have already defeated supervillains and saved the universe with the help of Maxine Baker, also known as Animal Girl – the daughter of Animal Man. They went up against Eclipso himself and proved to Wally that he couldn’t do it without the help of his kids in “Flash #779” by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin and Brent Peoples. The two saved their father from certain death by clearing a path through dozens of powerful creatures so that Wally could rush in and defeat Eclipso.
After this display of power, their overexcitation and zeal put them in more and more dangerous situations. As seen in “Flash #783” by Jeremy Adams and Amankei Nauelpan, Wally West plans to find Barry Allen, who got lost in the Multiverse, but his plans changed when the twins appeared. Before any of them could realize it, Airi led the attack into the portal ahead of them. With Airi and Jai in another universe, who knows what kind of trouble they’ll get into!
Despite the fact that the two of them are so young, DC has provided the twins with many opportunities to save the day or somehow participate in the main storyline. This duo will remain, and when they both regain their powers, they may become more powerful than anyone could have originally foreseen. With so much development, their future is more exciting than ever and they will play an important role in Barry Allen’s comeback. The Flash kids have quickly become fan favorites and could become DC’s next dynamic duo!