The Flash: Important Character Returns in Episode 150 of TheSeries


The Flash: After a 2-week hiatus, The Flash series was shown again by The CW this Tuesday (4th), in the 8th episode of the 7th season. In addition, fans will see an important return from a character in a few chapters.

According to the TV Line website, episode 150 of the series, which has no release date yet, should re-introduce the public to the character Nora West-Allen, played by actress Jessica Parker Kennedy. Nora was introduced in season 4 and is also called XS.

Barry and Iris met Nora, the couple’s daughter, on a visit to the future. It disappeared, however, in the 5th season, after the consolidation of a new timeline. It has not been informed how it will be reused.

Even so, the heroine will show up for a short time, but will meet Bart Allen (Jordan Fisher), her brother, who will appear in the same episode, according to TV Line.

Because of the possible family reunion, including a character who had disappeared from the screens, a major threat is expected. The 150th chapter of Flash will be the 17th of the current 7th season.


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