The Flash: Here’s why Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West left the Arrowverse series


Wally West made an electric entrance on The CW series The Flash during the season 2 mid-season finale. As the show expanded into the Flash universe, bringing in more comedic characters and plotlines, Keiynan’s introduction Lonsdale as Kid Flash was exciting. He quickly became a beloved character among fans, as Lonsdale gave Kid Flash an energetic and endearing personality.

Naturally, fans were shocked when news broke that Keiynan Lonsdale would be leaving The Flash after season 4. With the role’s apparent success, one would think the actor would want to stay on; however, he had other plans.

Wally West was the son of Joe and the late Francine West and the brother of Iris West-Allen; Francine raised him in Keystone City. The two didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but Wally was always drawn to cars. He began to participate in street racing and soon became a racing champion at Keystone. However, he had to go to Central City to continue competing since he no longer had competition in his hometown.

It is here that Wally became the Flash; however, this was in an alternate timeline called Flashpoint. Wally had super abilities, mainly speed, just like Barry Allen. He used his powers to protect Central City. After Flashpoint, he regained his superpowers and took on the name Kid Flash. He and Flash bonded for a while, but eventually Kid Flash decided to leave Central City on a soul-searching trip. He ended up in a monastery in China, where he joined Legends of Tomorrow in Season 3 of that series.

The actor announced his departure from both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in 2018. Lonsdale knew it was time for him to move on. The year before the announcement of his departure was important for the actor: after starring in the teen romantic comedy Love Simon, he spoke about his sexuality and said that he is attracted to people regardless of their gender and that prefer not to use a tag.

There are many who believe the decision was creative and that he left The Flash as a series regular after season four, only to return as a special guest star in seasons 5 and 6. The same thing happened when he left Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular after from Season 3, and subsequently appeared as a special guest star in two episodes, as well as the Supergirl crossover episode “Crisis on Earth-X”.