The Flash family Teams Up to (finally) Save Barry Allen


Warning! Contains a preview of The Flash #783.

In a new preview for the DC series “Flash”, Wally West gathers the Flash family to finally save Barry Allen. Taking on the role of the Earth-0 Flash, Wally held the fort while Barry supposedly explored the larger universe. However, Allen has long been absent from the current DC universe. Thus, the search has finally begun in a new release that will be associated with the epic summer crossover Dark Crisis.

As confirmed in various series of prologues to DC’s Dark Crisis, Barry Allen has been captured by a Pariah villain who serves the Great Darkness, an entity seeking to return the universe to a darkened state of nothingness before life and light exploded. So Barry lives in a fantasy Flash world created by a Pariah so that he is content with his imprisonment (made to think that he and his family are safe and at peace).

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In truth, in the preview of the new Flash # 783 from Jeremy Adams and Amankai Nauelpan, Wally West gathers the real Flash family to save Barry. This includes Wallace West’s Kid Flash, Jay Garrick’s Flash, Max Mercury and Jesse Quick. After being out of touch with Barry for too long, it’s finally time to start looking for one of D.C.”s most iconic speedsters. So it looks like Wally will be traveling the universe himself, tracking Barry’s unique multiverse frequency with the help of Mr. Awesome. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming release:

FLASH #783 – THE SEARCH FOR BARRY ALLEN, PART 1 The Search for Barry Allen! With the Justice League gone, Wally gathers the entire Flash family in a desperate attempt to find the Speed Force and finally find the missing Barry Allen. But does Barry want to be found? This three-issue story is directly related to this summer’s event. Dark Crisis continues!

As the first preview page and synopsis teased, Pariah has probably brainwashed Barry Allen so much that he no longer knows what’s real and what’s not. Besides, why would he return to a reality in which the Justice League died in the face of a serious threat, such as the new Dark Crisis crossover? After receiving the MCU WandaVision treatment, Barry got a happy ending with his loved ones. So Wally will definitely have to give up his job as he tries to uncover the truth to Barry.

We hope that in this new release related to Dark Crisis, Flash Barry’s real Family will come together to bring him back to what is really real (no matter how dark it may be). In addition, this new preview also teases that Wally’s wife Linda will finally admit and reveal that she herself has gained speed, as have their children Jai and Airi. In any case, it is obvious that the full version of Flash #783 will be full of dynamic actions and surprises when it is released on June 21.