The Flash: DC Reveals a Very Disturbing Cover Featuring Barry Allen Ezra Miller


DC Comics has requested the first issue of The Flash: Fastest Man Alive, a new limited series that serves as a prequel to the upcoming DCEU movie. But whatever excitement fans may feel about this project, it is drowned out by a very disturbing image on the cover.

In neat DC synergy, the first issue of the series boasts a cover version drawn by none other than “Flash” director Andy Muscetti. Unfortunately, the composition of this cover is more than dizzying:

Flash: Director Andy Muschetti Draws Barry Allen Ezra Miller

Muscetti proves that he has some artistic ability in addition to his directing skills, especially with one version of the cover showing a colorless pencil drawing that he delivered to Washington. However, the content of this cover gives many reasons for a pause. We see Miller’s Barry Allen seemingly caught off guard and without clothes, trying to put on his new Flash suit, while Ben Affleck’s Batman fights with Girder in the background. Or maybe Barry is deliberately flirting with Girder? In any case, how Barry ended up naked on the streets of Central City is anyone’s guess.

This somewhat colorful cover definitely seems out of time in light of Miller’s recent legal and PR problems. After a series of arrests and public incidents in Hawaii, the actor is now embroiled in a scandal involving allegations of courtship and psychological intimidation. According to Rolling Stone, Warner Bros. recently held an emergency meeting to discuss Miller’s future with the studio.

As for the comic itself, “The Fastest Man Alive” will shed light on the deepening dynamics of Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne leading up to the new film. The series is written by Kenny Porter and drawn by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. The requested text DC teases:

Drive through the streets of Central City on the eve of the long-awaited blockbuster “Flash”! After Barry’s adventures with the Justice League, he is determined to become a truly skilled and inspiring hero. When a new threat named Girder appears in Central City, Barry turns to Batman for training advice to master his abilities. Will the Dark Knight be able to help the Scarlet Speedster defeat this metal threat, or will the Flash be crushed by Girder’s power?