The Flash: Cisco Says Goodbye to The Series in An Exciting Episode


The Flash: Aired last Tuesday (8) by The CW, the 7×12 episode of The Flash brought a somewhat melancholy farewell to viewers. The dear Cisco (played by Carlos Valdes) appeared for the last time interacting with Team Flash and left some presents for his friends.

In an interview with, the actor revealed some precious details about his departure from the DC series. “I thought it was the perfect farewell for Cisco, precisely because he doesn’t take himself too seriously,” he said, adding that this is a small detail that makes Cisco so special to all fans.

“It’s not super touching though it is, while we recognize that these seemingly silly shirts have tremendous emotional weight for him, but his friends and family understand it all too well,” he said.

In the title “Good-Bye Vibrations”, Team Flash had a meeting with Cisco so that he and his girlfriend, Kamila (Victoria Park), could inform everyone on the team of the decision to leave Central City to have a new life elsewhere .

Obviously, before that actually happened, everyone needed to join forces to face an extremely dangerous villain.

The Flash: Carlos Valdes has been in the series’ cast since the first episode

As he bids farewell to his Team Flash friends, Cisco hands out custom t-shirts to Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Barry (Grant Gustin) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker). It’s a significant reminder of a character who has been with the DC hero since the first episode of the series.

“I spent seven years playing this character. It was like coming to work, wearing these shirts and wearing them between twelve and fourteen hours a day, every day, for nine and a half months, over seven years,” he explained, emphasizing that these pieces of clothing represent what the character would leave as a legacy.

According to the actor, Cisco could return in the future as a guest of the production. Will this ever happen? Season 7 of The Flash continues to air every Tuesday on The CW.


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