The Flash can’t keep ignoring other super-powered DC speedsters


Attention: there are spoilers ahead for Flash #784!

With at least three different versions of The Flash, it’s easy to discount the other speedsters of the DC universe, and it’s a shame because they bring so much character and talent to the role without being tied to the personality of “The Flash.” Characters like Jesse Quick and Max Mercury have their own unique relationship to the Force. Speed, which leads to subtle differences in how they see and use their abilities. When DC releases its speedsters without Flash, their different styles create a rainbow of movement and kinetic energy, which is a pleasure to watch on the page.

Since Flash and the rest of the Justice League members are dead or missing during the “Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths” event, Flash’s family tries to use their connection to the Speed Force and Barry Allen’s multiverse presence to try to track him down and save him. his. With the help of Mr. Awesome, they open a portal to the multiverse, breaking up into teams to try to cover more territory. One of these teams consists of Jesse Quick, who can use the Power of Speed with the help of a mathematical formula, and Max Mercury, who acquired his superspeed with the help of a magical ritual.

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In Flash #784 Jeremy Adams, Amankei Nauelpan, Jerome Cox and Rob Lee Jesse and Max find themselves in an unknown universe resembling a wasteland in the style of Mad Max, which is patrolled by evil car gangs. Arriving in the midst of a shootout, they try to slow down the course of events by disabling distraught motorists, but discover that Barry Allen has become a real road warrior as one of the riders in the melee. Although they quickly determine that he is not Barry Allen from their universe, they are forced to take him with them and flee as more riders appear shooting Barry in the head.

Since the “Flash” from this universe does not have superpowers, the demonstration of Jesse and Max’s speed mastery absolutely overshadows everyone. For her part, Jessie’s movements are smooth and acrobatic: she glides under cars and flies through windows with breathtaking grace. Max, on the other hand, holds on with the firmness of a boxer and the directness of a bullet, pulling two road warriors off motorcycles, grabbing them by the collars from behind and redirecting the rocket with playful tapping on the nose cone.

Flash is often portrayed as a prankster and scientist in his various incarnations, peppering DC adventures with “Flash Facts” and running literally in circles around his enemies. On the contrary, Jesse and Max use their abilities in an amazing physical way. While Flash tries to think five steps ahead, these speedsters are more about entering a state of traffic flow where each action smoothly transitions into the next. By ignoring the other speedsters of the DC universe, The Flash risks missing out on some of the most beautiful motion images that have ever graced a panel page.


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