The Flash: Ben Affleck Will Return As Batman in The Film


To the delight of fans, Ben Affleck will be back as Batman in The Flash, as stated by Vanity Fair. According to the magazine, the Scarlet Sprinter solo film aims to explore the entire DC Comics multiverse and will bring Affleck’s Dark Knight.

Andy Muschietti, the project’s director, spoke about Affleck’s return in an interview for the magazine, praising the actor’s interpretation of the Bat.

“His Batman has a dichotomy that is very strong, in which he has a masculinity – because of what he looks like, and the imposing figure he has, and his strong jaw – but he is also very vulnerable. He [Affleck] knows how to deliver emotion, that vulnerability. He just needs a story that allows him to show that contrast, that balance. ”

The director continued:

“He is a very important part of the emotional impact of the film. The interaction and relationship between Barry and Wayne from Affleck will bring an emotional layer that we haven’t seen before. It’s a Barry film, it’s a Barry story, but these characters are more similar than we think. They lost their mothers to murderers, and that’s one of the exciting points in the film. That’s where Affleck’s Batman comes in. I’m happy to collaborate again with someone who was on both sides of the camera. He understands that. ”

The adaptation of Flashpoint, or Flashpoint in the original, will allow Barry Allen to explore countless possibilities in the DC Comics universe. Proof of this is that Affleck will not be the only Bat in the film. Michael Keaton, the 1989 Batman, will return to the project as another Dark Knight, something Muschietti confirmed as being a very “substantial” role.

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