The Flash: Batman’s Costume May Indicate Watchmen Clues


The Flash: Director Andy Muschietti of The Flash revealed a photo of part of the Batman costume in the film, indicating the return of the character’s classic look. In this case, the image shows the symbol of the Bat-Man inspired by the feature films directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton — an actor who will also return to the role in the sprinter’s solo adventure.

However, one detail caught the attention of DC fans: the Batman symbol with a few drops of blood. Such representation is very similar to “Smiley” by Watchmen, one of the greatest icons of the work created by Alan Moore. Therefore, it generated doubts about the meaning of this presence, with theories that range from suggesting a more violent tone of the film, just a coincidence or whether it would indicate a reference and possible connection with the vigilantes.

In the comics, there was a saga that united Watchmen with the core universe of DC heroes, in particular with the Justice League. Called The Last Judgment Clock, the idea was to bring the teams together in a story that would solve continuity problems and put the publisher’s universe in order. In the plot, after a series of events, Doctor Manhattan destroys and recreates the entire DC multiverse, establishing much clearer lines of continuity.

What is known so far is that the film will be a not very faithful adaptation of the Flashpoint arc (Ponto de Ignição, in Brazil) from the comics. In that plot, Barry Allen goes back to the past to try to save his mother from being murdered, but ends up distorting time and reality. So he finds himself in a parallel world, with alternate versions of his well-known Justice League colleagues.

Because the Ezra Miller-starring attraction takes creative freedom into the script, there’s room for the feature to borrow elements from the Watchmen franchise. Given similar situations happening in movie theaters and the concept of the multiverse gaining more prominence, the proposal applied to the source material is an interesting alternative to define new paths for DC.

There is, therefore, the expectation that The Flash will aim to patch up DC’s fragmented universe and help redefine the franchise’s continuity in theaters. The film is slated to hit the big screen on November 4, 2022.