The Flash: Bart Allen Appears As Impulse In New Photos


The Flash: Leaked behind-the-scenes photos from The Flash reveal what Bart Allen’s uniform, also known as Impulse, will look like. Played by Jordan Fisher, the character looks very similar to his version of the comics.

In the series, Bart will be the son of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West (Candice Patton) and is expected to appear in the 150th episode.

Impulse in The Flash series

The series describes Bart Allen as the future son of the couple Barry and Iris. Also known as Impulse, the hero is the fastest teenager on the planet. The character has an impulsive and uncontrolled tendency, which makes his parents try to teach him to have more patience.

Impulse will join Team Flash to join forces against the biggest threat the group has faced so far. Bart will appear for the first time in the series in the 150th episode, which will air this season.

In the comics, Impulse is related to Barry Allen and Iris West. Born in the distant future, the character grew up in a virtual reality environment. When he learns to control his impulses, he takes on the mantle of Kid Flash and, eventually, Flash.

The Flash features new episodes every Tuesday on The CW. In Brazil, the series is broadcast on the Warner Channel on Sundays, at 10 pm, at Bloco Heroico.


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