The Flash 7×9: Barry Seeks Help From Timeless Well (promo)


The Flash: The 7th season of The Flash reaches its ninth episode after a devastating betrayal on the part of whom Barry, the protagonist superhero, trusted most.

Published by The CW on Tuesday (4), the promo for the new episode shows Barry back to Timeless Well to try to get help and, of course, more answers.

Check out the full preview below:

The Flash episode 7×9 should explore more intense plots

Also according to the synopsis of the new episode, Iris leads the Citizen team on a path full of obstacles to look for answers. Meanwhile, Cisco finally shares his biggest fears for Kamilla.

Most of the previous episode was focused on Frost’s fate, as she pleaded guilty to the crimes committed while still a murderer. In addition, Barry and Nora tried to find the human host of Strength Force.

When he finds out that Alexa doesn’t want to hurt anyone, Barry begins to question Nora’s honesty. She murders Alexa, cheating on Barry and making the character more confused than she already was. With that, Nora becomes a villain that we were not expecting, bringing one of the biggest plot twists of all seasons of the series.

The new episode of The Flash will be broadcast next Tuesday (11) and continues to accompany the superhero in his adventures.

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