The Flash 7×7: villain Chillblaine appears in the DC series


The Flash: This Tuesday (13), The CW is showing a new episode for the 7th season of The Flash.The title “Growing Pains” (Growing Pains, in a free translation) will introduce a new villain to the series, the famous Chillblaine (played by Jon Cor). Thus, the broadcaster released some images of what is coming, in order to further instigate the audience.

In the past few weeks, the audience has followed a series of attempts at overcoming between the main characters, who had to deal with past traumas. In addition, with the revival of the Speed ​​Force and the discovery of three more additional Forces, almost everyone on Team Flash was on alert.

According to the official description of the 7×7 episode, Frost (Danielle Panabaker) will also need to face his own internal problems in order to fight Chillblaine. The images also reveal moments of tension for Frost and other characters.

The Flash: Season 7 bets on the participation of dangerous villains

Team Flash members have already had to fight ruthless villains, such as Abra Kadabra (David Dastmalchian) and Psych (Ennis Esmer), in recent episodes. However, this new threat will appear differently in the DC series.

According to what has been released so far, Chillblaine will frame Frost and, from that point on, she will need to find a way to clear his name. Meanwhile, Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) will have a date with Kristen Kramer (Carmen Moore).

What will happen? So don’t miss it! The Flash 7×7 will be shown on Tuesday (13) by The CW.


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