The Flash 7×7: Frost will be tried for his crimes (recap)


The Flash is, after a long time, forcing Frost to face the consequences of his actions. Despite having come a long way since her days as a murderer, she still has to face the court. All this while Barry tries to deal with the new Speed ​​Force, which has taken on the image of Nora.

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More details of the 7×7 episode of The Flash

The past of superheroes has always been a very important factor in DC. This time, it’s Frost’s past that seems to be haunting the character, even after she decided to join the good side of things.

With a focus on the character, it is possible, first of all, to see how it has evolved. Her murderous instincts are no longer evident, but she has never really faced the consequences of her crimes. Even though colleagues have forgiven everything that has happened, your friends’ forgiveness is not always all you need to move on.

Further evidence of her evolution is the fact that she intends to plead guilty to all crimes. She knows she made a mistake and is willing to accept the consequences. So her future really depends on the judge’s verdict, which is responsible for determining whether Frost is going to Iron Heights or not.

While all of this Frost drama is the main focus of The Flash episode, Barry’s challenges with Speed ​​Force are also noteworthy. The force took on the image of Nora, her mother, and yet he is not comfortable calling her by her name. The hero never had a good relationship with the Speed ​​Force and now this is further evidenced by the personification.

She continues to try to help him at any cost, but Barry is increasingly irritated by this. Iris even invited her to stay with the two without even asking Barry what he wanted – but, fortunately, the two managed to resolve it without further problems. Still, Iris needed to give advice on how this relationship can be better: the two need to find a way to create a “new normal” for Barry’s powers to stabilize.

The outcome of Frost’s judgment and what the future holds for the superhero must be the central themes of the next episode of the DC series. What do you think about the 7th season of The Flash? Leave your comment below!


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