The Flash 7×4: Barry and Iris deal with past trauma



This Tuesday (23), the audience watched a new episode of The Flash. Entitled “Central City Strong”, there is a very interesting dramatic development in the episode from the point of view of the protagonists, who need to deal closely with traumas from their past in order to move forward.

In this way, the 7×4 episode manages to continue the conflicts exposed at the beginning of the season, in addition to adding new layers to the characters in their internal healing process. One of the things that draws the most attention in this context is Iris (Candice Patton), who is more resistant than ever.

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The Flash 7×4: the return of a dangerous and powerful villain

One thing is certain: Team Flash decisions can impact a huge cycle of possibilities. This week, that was even more visible to viewers, mainly due to the uncertainty that surrounds all the characters involved in this saga.

After spending a lot of time in an alternate universe, it’s no surprise that Iris is dealing with some trauma that directly affects her mental health. Even though there is no scene showing your post-traumatic stress disorder, there are some small details that are noticeable on your journey.

Let’s remember: Iris went through a terrible experience, which involved a new personality of herself. With so much confusion, it is remarkable that she is trying to understand the impact of all this on her new routine. However, the recovery of the character seems to be something gradual and is gradually resolving – something that is quite interesting for the development of the series.

However, there are some impacting issues that Team Flash needs to face throughout the episode. However, the action is set aside, in a way, so that a deep dive into the emotional of Barry (Grant Gustin) can have space. In this sense, the return of the villain Abra Kadabra (David Dastmalchian) works as a catalyst for extreme thoughts.

And even the constant threat it provokes to the city has a function to culminate in the psychological development of the protagonists. Deep down, viewers realize that even a great villain can have gaps. Abra Kadabra only wanted to recover certain importance for his trajectory, which were taken from him after a series of equally traumatic events.

This is the second consecutive villain that Team Flash convinced not to destroy the city by appealing to their deepest emotions, which is notable in a production full of action and powers almost always rampant. Thus, the change in perspective is accompanied by a new threat to Central City – exposing many weaknesses to everyone.

The episode ends leaving many doubts to the viewers. So there are a lot of emotions in store for the next episode, right? Don’t miss out! The Flash returns next week with the 7×5 episode on The CW.


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