The Flash 7×3: the heroes face Eva and the Mirrorverse


The 7th season of The Flash won its new episode this Tuesday (16th) with an action-packed chapter and, of course, twists and turns as the DC series is already used to doing. With the return of the series, we found out what Iris looked like after returning from Mirrorverse and the role of Berry in the whole situation.

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More details of the 7×3 episode of The Flash

In the last week, Berry needed all his strength to bring Iris back, being without her powers. This was the worst possible timing, as Eva revealed her plans to the world. Now, how will he be able to save Iris and at the same time help all her friends?

Iris’ return also touched her. Although Berry returned without strength, but conscious, she seems even more exhausted and we still don’t know if she will be able to recover.

Eva’s powers are increasing and the superheroes need help in order to defeat her. The DC villain begins to transform all the people she can find into her Mirror Children, using basically any reflective surface for this. Soon, the team decides to turn off all the lights in the city to reduce the damage.

To help the heroes, we have the return of an old character: Dr. Harrison Wells! He explains that it represents 0.01% of the particles that have not been transferred to AFS. According to him, the Multiverse still needed a Wells and he has access to the memories of all his predecessors. Soon, he wants to help.

However, without Barry’s powers, stopping Eva seems almost impossible. The superhero, still tired, decides to talk to Iris in his coma. He gets emotional during the conversation and realizes that his super speed still exists in Iris. With the help of his colleagues, he manages to channel that energy and runs again. The Flash is back!

He wastes no time looking for Eva, now self-declared as the Monarch of Mirrors. Cisco also shows up to help him and Eva needs to duplicate herself in order to be able to fight them both at the same time. Just in time, Iris returns from her coma and also enters the fight. Together, they manage to defeat her and all the people who have been sent to the Mirrorverse return safely.

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