The Flash 7×13: Cecile Will Need To Face Her Past


The Flash: Season 7 of The Flash continues to delve into what is deepest in its characters’ feelings. The target of the next episode of the series is Cecile (played by Danielle Nicolet), who will need to face her past while being held in a mental prison.

And to make viewers even more excited about what will be shown in the production, The CW released an all-new preview containing some exciting scenes. According to the official description of the 7×13 episode, Cecile will need to be brave to be able to free herself from what seems to be holding her back.

In addition, with the departure of Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Team Flash will have an even more emphatic involvement from Chester (Brandon McKnight). However, by making a very serious mistake, he will put Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in danger. Apparently, the hero will join Cecile in her mental prison, facing some intense challenges.

The one titled “Masquerade” (Masquerade, in Portuguese translation) will also show the investigation of Joe (Jesse L. Martin) regarding the former military ties of Kristen Kramer (Carmen Moore).

Check out the full preview:

The Flash: skin-deep emotions mark DC series’ 7th season airing

In the episode aired this week, viewers watched Cisco’s farewell, which despite bringing a moment of relaxation for the characters involved, also moved everyone. With the embezzlement of Team Flash, the constant threats that hit Central City get stronger and stronger.

In this sense, it is worth noting that the 7th season of the production has been betting on the emotional development of its protagonists. All of them have already had to face some of their past traumas as the narrative progresses. Somehow, this ended up strengthening their respective views on the world.

Apparently, by the end of this series of episodes, the audience will still see more melancholy moments with each one of them. Let’s wait for these news.

So be sure to check it out! A new episode of The Flash will air next Tuesday (15) on The CW.


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