The Flash 7×10: Family Iissues Surface In The Series



On Tuesday of next week, March 18, viewers of The Flash will begin to engage in a new dramatic arc. This is “Family Matters” (Family Issues, in a free translation), which will be presented in two parts. The first of them will consist of the tenth episode of the 7th season.

To make the public even more anxious about what’s coming up in the plot of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his team, The CW released an unprecedented preview containing some provocative scenes. It is impressive to realize that even this short video of a few seconds can create some interesting tensions, ending at exactly the high point.

After Nora (played by Michelle Harrison) killed Alexa / Fuerza (Sara Garcia), Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) were faced with a major revelation that involves other forces that Team Flash has faced over the course of this season.

It is worth mentioning that, because they are the creators of these forces, they are always at the center of rebel attacks. However, starting from episode 7×10, some challenges are even more prominent, showing that it will be necessary to unite even more to devise a plan that can contain these unpredictable threats.

Check out the full preview:

The Flash 7×10: learn more about the new episode of the series

“Family Matters” will also show Iris trying to find out the truth about the villainous Psych (Ennis Esmer), who posed a great danger in previous episodes. In addition to this investigation, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) will have to make an important decision. She may even change all of her plans.

About this, as already announced by the broadcaster, Carlos Valdes will soon leave the cast of the series, something that must be explained based on this decision that his character will make. In addition, this week’s episode of The Flash suggested that Cisco will leave Central City.

What will happen? Great emotions await viewers next week with a new episode of The Flash!


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