The Flash: 7×02 preview of ‘The Speed of Thought’ episode


To make the public even more anxious about what lies ahead, The CW released new photos of the next episode of The Flash series, which will air on March 9, Tuesday of next week, on the broadcaster.

The title entitled “The Speed ​​of Thought” will add even more tension to the storyline of the 7th season of production.

This week, the audience watched the series return in a very emotional episode, in which all the characters focused on trying to reverse the situation of Barry Allen’s super speed powers (played by Grant Gustin).

Even the spectators were surprised by the sacrifice of one of the members of Team Flash to restore everything.

According to the official description of the series, in the next episode, Barry will develop a new power in the form of super speed thinking, which he believes is the key to bringing Iris (played by Candice Patton) back.

Check out some of the images released by The CW:

The Flash Season 7: What can the audience expect from the next episode of the series?

Eric Wallace, showrunner for The Flash, commented through an interview a few weeks ago that fans of the series can look forward to interesting news related to Iris and Barry. At the time, he commented that he liked happy endings for novels.

The synopsis of the episode points out that there will be some disagreements regarding Barry’s new ability, coming mainly from Cisco (Carlos Valdes). Eva (Efrat Dor) is also expected to appear in a new situation.

Screenwriters Jonathan Butler and Gabriel Garza relied heavily on the emotions of the main characters and relied on the precise direction of Stefan Pleszczynski.

So don’t miss it! The 7×2 episode of The Flash will air next week on The CW.


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