The first trailer of the sequel to The Forest has arrived


Endnight Games, the producer of The Forest, released a trailer for the sequel to the first game, Sons of The Forest, and confirmed the release date. The first game had a survival horror theme. The second game will debut with the same concept.

Sons of the Forest to debut in 2021

The Forest was first opened in early access in 2014, the team encountered too many bugs during the development process and managed to release the game as a full version in 2018. The Forest was appreciated not only for its game mechanics but also for its story. The Forest was able to attract players who love survival genre productions with the co-op mode that came in early access.

The second game, according to The Forest, has better graphics and the animations are quite ambitious. Especially the enemy animations and designs look good compared to the first game. The developer team stated that the images in the trailer published by Endnight Games were taken from the game in real time.

Sons of the Forest will debut in 2021.


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