The first trailer of the new season reveals bad news


The long wait will finally pay off, after FX announced the Mayans MC season 3 release date, but now they have also revealed the first trailer of what the new installment will be.

Recall that in the Mayans MC season 2 finale, United States Deputy District Attorney Lincoln Potter threatened to deport Felipe (Edward James Olmos), EZ (J. D. Pardo), and Angel (Clayton Cardenas).

So they chose to take advantage of the incriminating information to protect him instead of freeing rebel leader Adelita from federal custody, leaving her to give birth to Angel’s son while she was handcuffed.

Now with the first trailer of season 3, the Mayans seek revenge on their rivals, Tijuana’s MC Vatos Malditos, after a surprise attack on their club.

As seen in the first trailer of the drama, they discover the body of a Redwood original from Sons of Anarchy something that could show a crossover between both series.

The premiere of season 3 of Mayans Mc will be on March 16 on FX, while on March 17 it will be on the Hulu platform.

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