The First Same-Sex Kiss of The Star of The Show “Yellowstone” and Why The Reaction of Fans Was Unexpected


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Yellowstone has already delivered arguably some of the biggest non-NFL ratings for 2023 with a highly anticipated midseason finale that drew more than 10 million viewers live via Paramount Network and CMT. While this episode definitely got fans talking about the last stage of Beth and Jamie’s sibling rivalry, a rather muted moment from the previous episode also caused a response in the fandom in the form of the first same-sex kiss in a Western drama. Star Lilly Kay did not expect that Clara’s first kiss on screen would attract such attention, although she explained how this moment came (and why the director of this episode was probably not so comfortable).

As Clara, John Dutton’s constantly learning assistant, Lilly Kay has not yet been so actively involved in the comprehensive plot, but it seems that important moments are in store for her. Or more important points, I should say, since the bomb-filled episode “The Dream is Not Me” shows Clara locking lips with another woman in front of John and Summer, following her example. Despite not getting much time in the spotlight, the kiss apparently got fans talking, as Kay revealed when sharing some behind-the-scenes information about the impromptu pick with Deadline. According to her:

I’ll tell you something about it. We were in our Covid protocol. It was written that Clara was kissing someone in the background behind John and Summer. And we tried to find out who was easy and convenient [to cast], who was also in the testing cycle. My partner, Julie Kosemba, was with me in Montana, so they said, “Oh, let’s just kiss in the background.” background.”We thought no one would attach much importance to this. And then many people made a very big deal about it. . . . It was very funny because I didn’t expect anyone to even understand it. And then people looked like lesbians at the training ground!

Fortunately for Kay, the choice of actors for her stage partner was limited due to the limitations of COVID, which made her real partner the best option, which apparently limited any awkwardness that could arise with someone the actress was not familiar with. Not that it can’t be awkward in real couples, of course. But more on that below.

Because of its background character, not to mention Kevin Costner and Piper Perabo, who may have been a more recognizable attention-grabbing couple, Clara’s kiss didn’t expect it to cause a big reaction among fans, at least in Lilly Kay’s mind. But considering how many people watch Yellowstone every week, it would be more strange if ANY details of this show went unnoticed, much less something related to romance. So we hope that all the reactions she received were positive, and any negative comments are welcome to the train station.

Although Kay isn’t too active on Instagram on a regular basis, her last post really was one of her and Julie Kochamba, as shown below.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Lilli Kay (@lilllikay)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

 Some fans may also be surprised to learn that Lilly Kay is the daughter of the famous Yellowstone director Stephen Kay, who also directed the feature film “Remove Carter” and many other notable television episodes, including some of Taylor Sheridan’s work on “Sons of Anarchy”. He has been married to Piper Perabo since 2014, so Kay’s fictional boss is pretending to be dating her real stepmother. Thus, the actress said that her father wasn’t exactly waltzing down a Normal street when directing both of these kisses for the same scene. That ‘s how she put it:

I’m not really sure. My father was a director. He was really wonderful and great. It was also the most embarrassing day for him at work, when his wife kissed Kevin Costner and his daughter kissed her partner.

I have to think, despite what was happening in front of the camera, directing the Yellowstone story in the wide open and magnificent expanses of Montana is probably still a pleasure. And regardless of whether Stephen Kay directed, we hope fans will see more of Clara’s personal life as Season 5 continues, if that doesn’t play into my long-term theory.

Yellowstone’s winter break will unfortunately last all spring, as Paramount Network has announced that it will return this summer for the remaining episodes. But it just gives anyone with a Paramount+ subscription more time to catch up on the spin-off prequel “1923,” as well as Sheridan’s other dramas “The King of Tulsa” and “The Mayor of Kingstown” ahead of the second season premiere.


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