The first professional beard straightening device!


You did not read the title wrong because the designer named Dominic Montante designed a “beard straightener” device for men who care about their beard. Specially developed for men who complain that their beards are messy, shapeless or curly, this beard straightening device looks like a tiny hair straightener from the outside. Because, it also allows to process short hair. Let’s look at the remarkable details about the Aberlite beard straightening device:

For men who love to take care of their beard: the beard straightening device

Men especially pay special attention to their beards. Entering crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Aberlite Pro is a device designed to style beards and short hair. With this device, men with mixed beards and curly beards are given the opportunity to straighten their beards without disturbing their beard structure.

Featuring negative ion technology and shaping beards, the device prevents heat damage like conventional hair straighteners. The beard structure, which is three times thicker than the hair hair, needs to be exposed to higher temperatures in order to take shape. Unlike hair, beard care becomes more difficult.

Aberlite Pro, which was developed to solve this problem, is a straightener in comb structure, unlike conventional straighteners. It has 8 temperature settings that can be adjusted according to beard density and offers easy use with a simple combing motion. By the way, the product also enables hair straightening.


The device, which is said to have no problems even with sensitive skin users, has now achieved its goal of 10 thousand dollars on Kickstarter. The device draws attention with its donation of 120 thousand dollars. A technological alternative is added to beard devices, which are already a limited market variety.

The normal price of the device, which is expected to be released on September 19, is $ 120, but if you buy it in pre-order, it comes to $ 59. For those who are curious about the device, we add the Kickstarter page here.


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