The first product of Spotify and DC Comics collaboration!


Spotify has joined DC Comics and Warner Bros. this year to create podcasts featuring DC characters. He had cooperated with. The first of these podcasts, which will feature characters such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, was officially announced at the end.

In the statement made by Spotify, it was stated that the first podcast series that will meet with the audience will be called Batman Unburied. This podcast series, directed by David Goyer, will focus on the dark side of Bruce Wayne’s soul.

In his statement on the subject, Goyer stated that the Black Easel will take advantage of sound to more deeply describe the terrifying members of the Bandit Gallery. Goyer had previously worked on projects such as the Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, Sandman, and Foundation.

Batman Unburied will meet with Spotify subscribers in 2021. All of the podcasts created in collaboration with Spotify and DC Comics will be exclusive to Spotify. Podcasts can be accessed here.


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