The first pictures of the resort immerse vacationers in the mystery of unsolved cases


Peacock has released the first footage of its upcoming dark comedy-mystery series “Resort” from Palm Springs screenwriter Andy Ciara. The history of the resort revolves around a couple who are vacationing at the Oceana Vista resort in Mexico in honor of their 10th anniversary. However, the couple soon finds themselves embroiled in one of the area’s most bizarre unsolved mysteries, which happened 15 years ago, putting their marriage to the test. The series features a stellar cast, including such as Ciara’s co-creator Palm Springs Kristin Milloti, William Jackson Harper (“The Good Place”), Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”), Skyler Gizondo, Luis Gerardo Mendes, Nina Bloomgarden and Gabriela Kartol.

Peacock has now released several official first-look images of the resort, drawing attention to the close-up cast; especially the main stars, Milioti and Harper. Although the images do not give much in terms of the specifics of the plot, it seems that the creators will effectively use an exotic place, since the tropical background of the resort is fully displayed. In the images, it is possible to preserve the elements of the mystery of the Resort premises, as the characters get used to the unfamiliar environment. Take a look at the images below.

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Ciara made a name for himself after writing Palm Springs for Hulu, which became one of the most viewed and reviewed original films on the platform, receiving a Golden Globe nomination for Best Film in the Musical or Comedy category. The resort will also see the screenwriter collaborate with “Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail, which is sure to attract audiences even more as these two dramatic/thriller minds come together. The above images definitely promise an entertaining and intriguing summer adventure, which Ciara had planned. Viewers will be able to start exploring the secrets of the Resort when the series debuts on Peacock on Thursday, July 28.