The first photos of Furiosa Set hint at a possible return to the classic Mad Max location


Furiosa has officially started production, and the first photos from the filming appeared online. While they may not offer much at first glance, they have given fans a little idea of what to expect from George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road prequel.

Released in 2015, the film “Mad Max: Fury Road” received recognition for stunning combat scenes and an exciting plot. At the center of the praise was Charlize Theron as Furiosa, a military captain serving under the command of the villain Immortal Joe, who rebelled against him to free the “Five Wives”.

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Now Miller is going to explore Furiosa’s past, this time starring Anya Taylor-Joy. Principal photography on the prequel began on June 1 in Australia, and this project was supposed to be the largest film ever shot in the country. While the photos from the shoot shared by the South Coast Register may give nothing more than a glimpse of the alleged biker gang and the desert, the former salt mining site at Kernell was reportedly the same location where some scenes from “Mad Max Beyond the Thunder Dome” were filmed. Perhaps this place could be used for a completely new setting in Furiosa, but at the moment the image of a fortress-type structure should intrigue fans.

The photos from the set of Furiosa are missing famous stars of the film, including Chris Hemsworth in the role of an unknown villain. However, it has been suggested that Furiosa is exploring some places that were mentioned in Mad Max: Fury Road but were never seen. While these new photos from the set don’t exactly contain any details on the subject, fans will most likely browse through these images in search of clues.

While most fans are excited about Miller’s return to the world of Mad Max, others are disappointed that the director remade the role of Furiosa instead of turning to rejuvenation technology to allow Theron to return. However, Miller explained that, in his opinion, the indicated technology is currently not quite up to par, saying that all the final results still evoke the feeling of an “ominous valley”.

However, Taylor-Joy has established herself as an outstanding actress in her own right, so there’s no doubt that she can bring her own remarkable take on the beloved Furiosa. In addition, returning to the franchise after the success of “Fury Road” is hardly a pity, regardless of who is part of the cast, at least until Miller starts acting in “Mad Max 5.”

“Furiosa” will be released in theaters on May 24, 2024.