The first petabyte hard drive will be very fragile


One of the accessories that all users need when they have a laptop is an external hard drive. And it is that even if you have a huge internal space on the computer, you mDay need an extra space to make a backup. Until now, terabyte disks may seem huge, but they are nothing when we talk about a petabyte external hard drive that is also made of glass.

1,000 terabytes of space

Let’s start by considering a key concept: what is a petabyte? The name may be a funny thing, but the truth is that you will be amazed at what it means. In the field of computer science, the suffix byte is associated with space terms. The kilobyte and the megabyte have already lagged a bit behind, something that will soon happen to the gigabyte with the arrival of the petabyte in common use. And this is equivalent to 1,000 terabytes, a very large space to store whatever you want.

A lot of space, but very fragile

Now that you know how much a terabyte is, we can introduce you to the subject of the news: a 1-petabyte portable hard drive. It may seem a lie that this exists, but the reality is quite different. In fact, there are servers that even have data fields that move larger volumes. What happens is that they occupy more than what they occupy a hard disk that you usually use.

In this case, Techradar says that the use of the crystal will be important for writing data. Microsoft was already behind this project with the so-called Project Silica, which was an attempt to find a reliable, light and small storage system. The project was resolved that it was possible to store up to 75.6 terabytes in a 7.5 centimeter piece of silicate. This is quite a finding that will allow you to save information in less space, although at the moment this is reserved for read-only disks.


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