The first online virtual worlds: Habitat


In the 80s, Habitat emerged as an addictive virtual world due to its colorful graphics and possibilities to interact with the environment and players.

In the previous report we told you about the creation process in the 70s of MUD1, a multiplayer game that drank from the famous conversational adventure Zork. However, where great strides were made was in the 1980s, where graphics colored the world.

A renowned company of those times was Quantum Link (in the 90’s AOL), which since its foundation in 1985 made information and communication spaces available to users, as well as online games. Among its titles was a virtual world with a graphical interface that took a giant step forward in the genre that MUD had created, that was Habitat.

LucasArts comes into play
The 80s were a time of growth for the industry. Video games advanced along with technology and brought great benefits, something that did not go unnoticed by many companies that joined the party creating an entertainment division. In 1982 Lucasfilm Games came to the fore, but its first stage was not marked by the hilarious graphic adventures of pirates and tentacles, but by a string of action games and experimental works. George Lucas implanted the doctrine of the freedom of development in the study, which caused freshness to emerge. In fact, early Lucasfilm Games employees remember those years as a sweet period of creative freedom. On this fertile field began to germinate the outline of Habitat, considered the first MMO with a graphical interface to be marketed.

When looking at the images of this curious game, many series fans will remember Half and Cath Fire and its ‘Community’, a massively multiplayer world that ended up replacing the classic online board games of the Mutiny platform. In that distant place, the players were related and had a thousand adventures but, above that, they found a space where they could be themselves.


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