The First Murder Brings Back The Vampire Diaries Best Scripted Trick


While the Netflix series “The First Murder” has released only the first season, the series has already avoided one of the biggest problems faced by the Vampire Diaries spin-off, “Legacy.” After its first release in 2007, the CW series “The Vampire Diaries” faced stiff competition from the history of the Twilight franchise about human teenagers falling in love with ageless vampires in love. Despite this, “The Vampire Diaries” has endured an impressive seven seasons and spawned not one, but two spin-offs: “Primordial” and “Legacy”.

“Legacy” wrapped up its fourth and final season in June 2022, just in time for Netflix’s “First Kill” to take the show’s place in the hearts of “Vampire Diaries” fans. However, despite the lack of a canonical connection between The First Murder and the Vampire Diaries universe, the Netflix series has already managed to capture one aspect of the appeal of the original show. This is an element of the “Vampire Diaries”, which, ironically, could not bring back its official spin-off “Legacy”.

In order to establish itself as a separate series, Heritage added a camp humor to the formula of the Vampire Diaries in favor of the melodrama of the original series. This choice really made “Legacy” feel different from its predecessor from the franchise, but also had an unintended effect after the cancellation of the show. Thanks to the sillier and more lighthearted tone of “Legacy,” the unrelated Netflix series “The First Murder”—at least in its debut season—looks more like the often heartbreaking “Vampire Diaries” than the second spin-off of the previous show. The free retelling of Romeo and Juliet in “The First Murder” is not as heartbreaking as the original story, but it is much more cruel and sad than anything they tried to do in “Legacy”, which makes the series seem like a natural successor to “The Vampire Diaries”.

While “Legacy” stretched Landon and Hope’s tragic romance over several seasons, the spin-off killed and subsequently revived Landon so often that death lost most of its influence and narrative weight in the show’s universe. On the contrary, the deaths in the “First Murder” are much colder, and the audience is left with the feeling that a happy ending is not only unlikely, but almost impossible. Ironically, the 4th season of “Legacy” did not end the series (and at the moment the universe of “The Vampire Diaries”) on a completely optimistic note, but the tone of the spin-off already meant that its darker scenes did not hit as hard as the deaths shown in “The First”. Murder.

However, “The First Murder” has a clean slate, as viewers had no idea what to expect from the series. His popularity on Netflix proves that the show is a hit, but as the lighter season 3 of “Very Strange Cases” showed, the willingness of the “First Kill” to kill attractive characters may well weaken as the popularity of the show grows. A large audience can make shows less willing to leave their line-up so that they don’t annoy loyal fans. Because of this, it was more difficult for Legacy to maintain high stakes in the Vampire Diaries universe, since the series did not want to tire fans, but also did not want to upset them, which led to a more conservative approach to the death of characters than in the First Murder season. 1 is displayed. Whether “The First Murder” will be able to maintain this ruthless advantage in the second season or the series will follow the path of the “Legacy” of the “Vampire Diaries” spin-off, remains to be seen.