The first Mac price with Apple Silicon processor


The first Mac with Apple Silicon processor appeared with price information. A curious wait for the new hardware of Apple models introduced at the WWDC 2020 event continues. There is a great expectation for the price of models with the new system.

Using Intel processors to date, Apple aims to build an integrated system in its models using the system it developed. For the first model expected to come with this system, price estimates also showed up.

The first Mac price with Apple Silicon processor is on the agenda

While Apple continued to work for Apple Silicon, which it developed, it shared some resources for the model. While this model was expected to meet users in the coming months, the price policy was curious. The first information that comes is that the model will be a bit more affordable.

Because the value of the first Mac price with the Apple Silicon processor that appeared is stated as $ 799. When the direct calculation is made with today’s exchange rate, it is seen that the value is like 5,500 TL. So the new coming model may be cheaper than the models currently on sale. The model, which is expected to go on sale at this price, is said to be a 12-inch MacBook.

For the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, which will meet users with Apple Silicon, $ 1.099 price information is also revealed. When we convert this value with today’s exchange rate, it is seen that it is around 7.500 TL.

As the most affordable Mac already on sale, the 13-inch MacBook Air shows itself at $ 8,699. In terms of MacBook Pro, the most affordable 13-inch MacBook Pro is listed as $ 11,199.

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