The first look at the veteran of the “Primordial” Joseph Morgan in the TV series “Titans”


It’s been almost a year since Titans fans watched the main characters rescue Gotham City from the clutches of Jonathan Crane, but we’re not that far away from reuniting with them. The premiere of the 4th season of “Titans” for subscribers of HBO Max will take place next month, and along with the veteran of “Primordial” Joseph Morgan, who played the main antagonist of Brother Blood, we will also see how the Mother of Lawlessness Franca Potente and Lisa Ambalavanar Jinx cause trouble to the main characters. Good news, we finally have our first glimpses of all three villains!

First, we have Sebastian Blood, played by Joseph Morgan, aka Brother Blood, a character previously played by Kevin Alejandro in live action in the second season of “Arrow.” Originals, now he has to leave his mark in the DC TV show space. This version of Blood is described as “an introvert with a strong intellect and a hidden dark nature,” and he is associated with a supernatural cult that is causing the Titans problems this season. You know, in case a creepy costume isn’t enough.

Next we have Mother Mayhem, another high-ranking member of this cult. Performed by Franca Potente from the series “American Horror Story: Sanctuary and Taboo”, Mayhem is “a born leader who always carries with him the threat of violence, a predator in human form with boundless faith in his mission in the world.” Both she and Joseph Morgan are the main cast members of season 4 of “Titans,” and the image above shows that Mayham won’t shy away from getting her hands dirty.

Finally, Lisa Ambalavanar from The A List will reappear in season 4 of Titans as Jinx, another longtime villain of the Young Titans. The Titans version of Jinx will be “a savvy lone criminal and a master of dark magic who likes to manipulate others and create chaos at the same time.” Although it is possible to bet that Jinx’s paths will cross with Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, it is unclear whether she will be directly connected with other villains or not.


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