The First Look at The 3rd Season of The Netflix Series “Outer Banks” Reveals The Final Cliffhanger and Possibly Creates a Complicated Love Triangle


After the explosive finale of the second season, the Pogues are back, and it looks like things will get even more tense when we move on to the third season of the popular Netflix series Outer Banks. After celebrating the resumption of the third season and releasing a brief teaser of the long-awaited show, the streamer finally announced the premiere date and posted a lot of photos hinting at the plot of the new episodes. And judging by what we’re seeing, it looks like we’re getting a cliffhanger finale solution, and an already complicated love triangle is about to get even more complicated.

Netflix’s Outer Banks (opens in new tab) are due to return on February 23 in the 2023 TV schedule. This means that we will finally find out how the Pogues get out of the island where they are stuck in the final, and what kind of trouble they will get into next. In Netflix’s season 3 announcement, the upcoming adventure was described as the “granddaddy of all treasure hunts” and is based only on photos, which seems like a great way to describe the latest season of OBX.

It looks like the Pogues are leaving the island, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe
As you can see in most of the photos taken by Netflix, but especially this one with Kiara, the Pogues are clearly leaving the island they were stuck on at the end of season 2. I don’t know about you, but last time I checked dresses and elegant stairs, not standard for uninhabited islands.

However, another photo from the season of Andy McQueen as Singh with Madison Bailey as Kiara in the background seems to hint that this man may be the new big evil. Based on other adventure movies and TV shows I’ve seen, it goes without saying that this house could be scarier and deadlier than a desert island.

I would also guess this based on the festive expression on John B.’s face in the image at the beginning of this story and the city in the background of the photo with Pope and Cleo (which you can see just below). ) the island is not the main location of the 3rd season. To be honest, I would assume they leave the island during the first few episodes of the season. Although this does not mean that they will return to the Outer Banks this season.

Is the love triangle between Kiara, JJ and Pope getting even more complicated?

The relationship between Kiara and the boys, especially JJ and Pope, has always been complicated. Among the Outer Banks characters, the romantic relationship between Sarah and John B., as well as the inevitable love triangle between Ciara, JJ and Pope have always been the mainstay of the popular show.

In the second season, we saw how Pope and Ciara tried their hand at a relationship, but in the end they canceled it. Now, judging by this intimate photo of JJ and Kiara, it seems that they are even closer to being together than ever before. The two of them have always had an eclectic chemistry, however, JJ wasn’t really trying to pursue anything, especially when she was dating Pope. However, this photo seems to hint that the two have finally come out of the friend zone.

What makes this love triangle more complicated is the addition of Cleo to the mix. Judging by this photo of Pope and Cleo, the relationship between them may be heating up. So I guess what makes this a love square?

My guess is that since this show is a classic teen drama, jealousy will spread in all directions, especially when it comes to JJ, Ciara and Pope, and the four characters will have to face their feelings for each other in the third season.

Judging by these photos, it looks like everything is ready for the next season of Outer Banks, which is ready to surpass itself again with its intense searches, complicated relationships and deadly journey. Luckily for you, you won’t have to wait long to see what happens with Pogues next, because you’ll be able to watch Season 3 next month, and all you need is a Netflix subscription.


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