The first look at Ray Liotta’s latest TV role is shown in the Black Bird trailer


The new trailer for the Apple TV+ Black Bird limited series offers a first look at Ray Liotta’s latest TV role. Liotta achieved acting immortality by playing gangster Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s classic 1990 film The Nice Guys. Unfortunately, the 67-year-old actor died last month while working on the film “Dangerous Waters” in the Dominican Republic.

Tributes to Liotta naturally poured in from all sides after his untimely demise. This included a flashback from his “Nice Guys” co-star Robert De Niro, as well as a flashback from “Nice Guys” director Martin Scorsese. But Liotta’s amazing acting legacy, which is fondly remembered, is actually still being built, as the late star is due to appear in the upcoming Apple TV+ drama “Black Bird,” a six-episode limited series starring Taron Egerton, Paul Walter Hauser and Greg Kinnear.

Apple TV+ has indeed released the first trailer for Liotta’s swan TV song “Black Bird”. Here, the star of “Nice Guys” plays Big Jim Keane, an award-winning policeman and the father of the film’s protagonist Jimmy Keane (Egerton).

The clip shows Jimmy Keen behind bars after being found guilty of a serious crime. Judging by the brief fragments of Liotta’s dialogue, Big Jim Keen dreamed of his son, but the younger Keen lost his way at some point. This creates a series story in which Jimmy Keen gets a chance at freedom, but with a catch. In order to get released from prison, Keen must transfer to a maximum-security isolation facility for the mentally ill, make friends and get a confession from an inmate named Larry Hall (played by Cobra Kai’s Houser), whom the police suspect of murdering several people. – so far-uncovered victims. The situation clearly becomes very tense when Keane moves into a much more terrifying prison and tries to get closer to a man who, by all accounts, is a killer monster.

Liotta’s role in this film is clearly small, but she is well suited for this role, given the world-worn experience and seriousness that he has come to possess as an older actor. The main advantage here, however, is a thriller from Dennis Lehane, a writer known for his work on strong TV series such as “Wiretap” and “Underground Empire”, not to mention extremely successful novels such as “Mysterious River”, “Goodbye, Baby, Goodbye” and “Island of the Damned”. Fans of Lehan and Liotta, as well as Egerton and Hauser, will be able to enjoy Black Bird when it appears on Apple TV+ on July 8, 2022.