The first introduction of a mutant to the MCU surpasses All Your theories about the X-Men


Warning: Contains SPOILERS for the Miss Marvel finale.

The finale of “Miss Marvel” not only completed Kamala Khan’s thrilling superhero origin, but also introduced mutants into the main MCU continuity much better than some theories. Mutants, especially the X-Men superhero team, are an essential component of any Marvel universe, and due to licensing rights, the MCU has gone through three phases of movies and TV shows without using this source of classic Marvel characters and storylines. Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, mutants have finally become available to the MCU, and their simple introduction to “Miss Marvel” was a much better way to introduce them to the ever-growing MCU than some of the more complex theories.

Although Disney completed the acquisition of 20th Century Fox in early 2019, there was not a single mention of mutants in most of the fourth phase of the MCU. This is a smart choice, since the transfer of one of the largest and most beloved Marvel franchises to a huge MCU should be done carefully. Although Patrick Stewart is not part of the main MCU timeline (known in the universe as Earth-616), he reprises his iconic role as Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, mixing elements of the X-Men movie version and its more comical counterpart X-Men: Animated Series in a new incarnation.

The finale of the first season of “Miss Marvel”, “Abnormal”, ends with Bruno revealing that Kamala has a mutation in her genes that the rest of her family does not have. This is a completely simple way to introduce mutants to the MCU without telling them too complicated a backstory. Mutants just exist in the MCU, and they seem to have already existed for some time, which makes the inevitable incarnation of the X-Men in the MCU easy to introduce into the franchise without getting bogged down in the rest of the MCU myths.

Why a More Complex MCU Mutant Introduction Wouldn’t Work

Due to Disney’s lack of rights to the Marvel Mutants film adaptation, the Infinity Saga began and ended without the participation of any mutants. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who are mutants and Magneto’s children in Marvel comics, rewrote their stories to fit the mutant-free MCU at the time. As soon as mutants became available for the franchise, speculation arose that, to explain the conspicuous absence of mutants in the universe-threatening battle against Thanos, they would enter the MCU through the multiverse, or perhaps the mutant X-gene would be a consequence of the use of Infinity Stones on Earth. However, these explanations would be too confusing, and the simple introduction of mutants, since they were already part of the main MCU universe, is much closer to the source material of the comic.

The various Marvel universes in comics and on-screen media are huge, including many superheroes, their opponents, and their supporting cast, and it’s safe to assume that most Marvel universes are as comprehensive as the comics themselves. In the other two Spider-Man universes mentioned in Spider-Man: there is no way home”, there are alternative versions of Peter Parker and his gallery of scammers, but they also include many other Marvel heroes and villains, as discussed in the relevant supporting materials. Not every Marvel hero will be involved in every crisis, so the X-Men could already exist in the MCU, but they just haven’t made their presence known to the audience yet. Ms. Marvel has made the right move by keeping the idea of MCU mutants simple, as it makes the universe seem more and more like the Marvel comics on which it is based.

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