The first in-game videos for GTA VI are allegedly leaked


It is claimed that the first in-game videos for GTA VI, which is under active development by Rockstar Games, have been leaked.

GTA VI, which has been one of the most curious games for a long time, is on the agenda with a big leak claim. As far as we’re told, the video above shows in-game footage taken from the early development phase of the game. Although it was taken from the development process, it was definitely not expected to come up with such a leak and it was really a big surprise.

So what do we know about GTA VI, which will likely be revealed in 2024, with more leaks here? Important information was given by Jason Schreier for the game last month. The game, which is reported to have progressed slower than expected due to the significant changes in the working environment within the company and the pandemic, will be a playable Latino female character for the first time in GTA history. (Appears in the video)

It is said that there will be two different main characters in the production, inspired by the legend of Bonnie & Clyde. The action-packed script, built around the female and early characters who are expected to have an emotional bond, will reportedly be set in and around Miami.

It is also stated that there is a huge map in the production, which is mentioned as “Projekt Americas” within the company. According to previous claims, the new game will be expandable over time, unlike other versions.

Accordingly, the game world will be gradually enlarged with new maps to be added after the release. This time, the company, which is reported to focus on a lot of accessible interiors, will of course create a large online world with GTA VI.

Other leak videos published for the new game:




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