The first image of the third game from PAYDAY shared


The first visual of the third game of the series was featured in a post on the official Twitter account of PAYDAY 2. However, it has been announced that the third game will be developed with the Unreal Engine game engine.

In the past months, Starbreeze, the parent company of OVERKILL, the developer of the PAYDAY series, made some statements about the third game of the series. The company announced that they will start the development of PAYDAY 3 soon, and the game will be released in the following years. Starbreeze also announced that it is looking for a new publisher for the game.

Months after this announcement, PAYDAY 3 came back to the agenda today. An interesting visual was shared from the official Twitter account of PAYDAY 2, the second game of the series. However, the developer team of the game provided information about the game engine used in the game.

First screenshot of PAYDAY 3:

In the shared Tweet, it was stated that PAYDAY 3 was verified, that it is in the design phase, the release date has not been announced yet and the game will be developed with the Unreal Engine game engine. In addition, the first image of PAYDAY 3 was shared with the Tweet.

As shared by Starbreeze in the Tweet, PAYDAY 3 has not yet been in the development phase. Although the company has announced that it plans to release the game in 2022 – 2023, no new statement has been made yet. It is also not yet clear whether the game uses Unreal Engine 4 or Unreal Engine 5.

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It is a very important detail with which graphics engine version the game was developed, because even though Unreal Engine 4 offers beautiful graphics, Unreal Engine 5 has added the concept we call new generation graphics into our lives. However, considering that the game will be released in at least two years, PAYDAY 3 will probably be a game with new generation graphics.

There is currently no more information about PAYDAY 3, the third game in the popular game series launched by OVERKILL. However, based on this sharing from Twitter account, we can say that we will hear more details about the game in the coming weeks.


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