The first image from the Apple and Legendary series about Godzilla teases the secrets of the monarch


Legendary’s MonsterVerse is their name for the shared world they created for Godzilla, King Kong and any other Toho monsters they can get to (so far viewers have been referring to Ghidora, Mechagodzilla and Mothra among others) will soon see a Godzilla series in the works coming from them and Apple TV +.

Legendary and Apple have just posted a teaser of the upcoming series on their Twitter account, and it is as full of secrets as any of the episodes after the credits in “Godzilla” or “King Kong”, the secrets of the shadow organization are still hidden from the general public.

Legendary’s MonsterVerse (yes, with a capital V) is gaining momentum thanks to their successful reboot of the Godzilla franchise with Godzilla 2014, a retro version of King Kong with Kong: Skull Island, and then a series of classic Toho-style monsters with all the heavyweights fighting for the title of “King of Monsters”, they leveled the city quarters with their hits on the classics, and fans are hungry for more. In the last match, two big shots, Kong and Godzilla, bullied almost to death in a real free game in which classic bullies from the big screen faced off together for the first time since the 1960s.

The next time these two will be seen in Adam Wingard’s sequel to his last match, “Godzilla vs. Kong,” which has no name yet. There are hints that more classic mega-monsters-kaiju- will break into this large-scale battle, but these secrets remain so. But now, like Star Wars, Legendary is expanding MonsterVerse to small screens, and in the near future, another unnamed series will appear on Apple TV+. They’ve started dropping teaser images and feigning shyness in the comments that follow these falls, their lips are tighter than those of the Monarch group, whose own dark deeds are better hidden than Dean Wormer’s double secret Animal House probation.

While Mom was the word from the Monarch Boys, viewers know for sure that the upcoming series will feature father and son, the cast of Kurt and Wyatt Russell, neither of them familiar with science fiction or action stories, what with their joint forays into the Marvel universe and their own work outside of it — the person who played Snake Plissken seems more than suitable for any annoying kaiju who can get out of control. They will join Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tippett and Ren Watabe in the upcoming Godzilla series.


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