The First Humans May Be Hibernating

Fossil experts have come up with a very interesting theory about early humans. According to these claims, our ancestors may be spending the winter months hibernating.

When the cold winter months come, many people say that their energy is low and they want to sleep. Perhaps such individuals have stronger bonds with our ancestors. At least that’s what the fossils found in Spain show.

Mammals such as bears, bats, and some mole species hibernate to get through the harsh winter months. Our ancestors also went into hibernation, according to researchers who studied Neanderthal bones found in Spain.

Sleeping all winter

Human bones, discovered in the Atapuerca fossil site in Spain, have found traces that our ancestors might have slept through the winter months to cope with the very cold climate. According to the researchers’ claim, the bone remains show similar features to the bones of other living creatures that go into hibernation.

Studies have been going on for nearly 30 years in the fossil site called Sima de los Huesos, which means Bone Pit. It is stated that thousands of teeth and bone fragments were found in the studies carried out in this region, which is essentially a mass grave. Over time, this area was used as a place where the deceased were buried. The history of fossils goes back about 400 thousand years.

Juan-Luis Arsuaga, who continues to work in the region and worked with Antonis Bartsiokas from Thrace Democritus University, said in his article published in the journal L’Anthropologie that the fossils found in the region consist of bones that grow differently for several months each year.

To survive longer

According to the researchers’ claim, the first humans “developed a metabolic state to store fat over a long period of limited resources.” During this period, people hibernated, which left marks on the bones.

It revealed that the lesions found in human bones were similar to other hibernating creatures. There are also bone samples from hibernating bears, suggesting that this may be happening in the same way as bears. Do you think people really hibernated in the past?



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