The First Goal in Bitcoin Is $ 15,000


Recently, after Bitcoin consolidated at $ 9,900 for a few hours, it again rose above $ 10,000. While it is not yet clear whether BTC is converting US $ 10,000 to support, a leading stock / futures trader expects a greater break in the coming days and weeks.

The analyst states that BTC is likely to reach $ 15,000 by the end of the year.

Bitcoin (BTC) May Rise Up to $ 15,000 Soon

The gold market has experienced an explosive growth in the past few months. Since the beginning of the year, an ounce of precious metal has increased 25% and has risen from about $ 1,500 to $ 1,916. This means that gold is only a few dollars away from the all-time high price.

According to Adam Mancini, a popular futures trader, Bitcoin may soon follow gold closely. Following the steps of gold, the analyst said that BTC will reach $ 15,000 and said:

“Bitcoin is preparing for a big move, it will probably follow the steps of gold. We come out of a multi-year triangle, and these formations trigger large movements. Given the increasing trend in this pattern, this could bring BTC to $ 24,000 targets after $ 15,000. ”

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