The First Free Mario Strikers Update Adds Daisy a Month Later


Mario Strikers: Battle League is finally adding the long-awaited Princess Daisy to its first free DLC update, but some fans think it should have been from the very beginning. Last month, Nintendo and developer Next Level Games released the third and final installment of the Mario Strikers soccer series for Nintendo Switch, in which Mario and his friends lead their own soccer teams to challenge each other in intense and colorful matches. with bonuses and other antics. Players can compete in both single and online mode, and Mario Strikers: Battle League builds on the foundations of its two predecessors with a new “Hyper Strike” attack that gives two points for one goal.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is launched with 10 playable characters, which is much less than in previous Mario Strikers games. Many fans felt that some of the most popular characters in the Super Mario franchise were missing from this limited lineup, namely tomboy Princess Daisy, who was a constant mainstay of Mario sports games back in 2003 in Mario Golf: Toadstool. Tour. This apparent lack of content has led to mixed reviews of Mario Strikers: Battle League, but Nintendo has assured players that the list of games will be expanded with free updates of Mario Strikers: Battle League DLC after launch, and a recent leak hinted that in the end, the game may have twice as many playable characters.

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The first round of new Mario Strikers: Battle League DLC content has just been announced later this week, and Daisy fans will be happy to know that she is among the new characters being added. Nintendo of America has released the trailer for this new Mario Strikers: Battle League update on its Twitter account, in which Daisy makes her long-awaited return to the football field and dazzles the crowd with her high technical performance, skillful transfer abilities and Flower. Spiral hyperstrike. She’s not the only new player coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League, as the diminutive Shy Guy boosts evenly balanced attribute stats and the “Propeller Dive” hyperdrive. Players will also be able to dress up their players in new knight gear and compete in the Desert Ruin Stadium arena when the first Mario Strikers: Battle League update is released on July 22. In addition, Nintendo of Europe later confirmed on Twitter that there will be at least two more DLC patches for Mario Strikers: Battle League this year.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of first-day content in Mario Strikers: Battle League was a blow to a colorful game with solid arcade-style gameplay. In addition to fewer characters than in previous Mario sports games, Battle League lacks a story—driven adventure mode or unique interactions between characters – features that would bring more charm and personality to a boring single-player experience. This sense of incompleteness is hardly new for Nintendo, which has been criticized for releasing games like 2018’s Mario Golf: Super Rush, with minimal character rosters that were later augmented with DLC.

It seems this sad trend is being repeated with Mario Strikers: Battle League, and many Nintendo fans claim that Princess Daisy, a character largely defined by her athleticism, should have been featured on the Mario Strikers: Battle League list from the very beginning. However, at least players will be able to step onto the football field as Daisy or the Shy Guy thanks to this week’s free Mario Strikers: Battle League update, which is just the first of many others for the promising but divisive Nintendo Switch sports exclusive.