The first folding smartphone Royale FlexPai 2 is coming


Folding smartphones have been around for a very short time, but we’ve seen great strides in this field. Most of them are led from Korea with the contribution of Samsung and that other firms have tried to replicate in their own way. But of all of them, including the aforementioned firm, a Chinese is the first to present its first folding smartphone to the world. We are talking about Royole, which has presented its FlexPai 2 to the market.

This is the most direct rival that the Galaxy Z Flip has

There are many smartphone manufacturers who have tried, and are trying, to have their own folding phone. It is like a timepiece, although in this situation it not only consists of joining gears, also pieces of electronic hardware and placing a flexible screen capable of coming together without breaking. Few have this technology at their fingertips and Royole has shown that not only does he have it, he also masters it.

The proof of this is the FlexPai 2, its second folding device to hit the market. The device looks much better on a design level than the previous device. It could go through a prototype of what leaves us today with a much more elegant design on its back. Unlike what the rest propose, the FlexPai folds out, that is, the screens are exposed.

When folded, both sides can be used on a total 7.8-inch screen when unfolded. To the right of the device four lenses are accommodated which divide their efforts into a 64 MPX main, a 16 MPX wide angle, an 8 MPX telephoto lens and one for portrait mode with 32 MPX.


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