The first eviction of Big Brother has been postponed again, and there may be worse news for the viewers of the live broadcast


The 24th season of “Big Brother” is on the verge of its first eviction after an unprecedented soft reset when Paloma Aguilar left the game. Viewers can’t wait to see how the ruling of the head of the Jasmine Davis family will affect the game and whether candidates Taylor Hale or Joe “Puig” Puccarelli will be evicted. Unfortunately, the first eviction in season 24 is postponed again, and there may be worse news for the viewers of the live broadcast, as the action in the game rages in real time.

As previously stated, fans will not see Big Brother’s live eviction on Thursday at the usual time. Here’s the latest news on when the series will air, and that this week could be tough for people who love live broadcasts.

When will Big Brother fans see the first eviction from season 24?

Big Brother’s Eviction Live was originally scheduled to be shown on Thursday, July 21, at 21:00. ET. Now CBS has an episode scheduled for Sunday, July 24, at 20:00. ET in a two-hour episode. This means that viewers will see the eviction episode, the HOH contest and the nominations in one night! Unfortunately, there is one part of this that is a real bummer if you are someone who watches live broadcasts or just someone who follows spoiler updates on the internet.

Viewers of the live broadcast may have reasons to worry

TVLine reported that the eviction episode will not be broadcast live, and as of Wednesday afternoon, houseguests continue to act as if the eviction is taking place at the usual scheduled time on Thursday. If so, it could be a terrible situation for live viewers, as Big Brother has historically shut down channels in similar situations to prevent spoilers.

Assuming that “Big Brother” turns off live broadcasts, Paramount+ subscribers will be closed from home from Thursday afternoon and may not get access until early Monday morning Eastern Standard time. This is a significant period of time that can be missed, and this can lead to the fact that live feeders will miss a lot of game information in the 3rd week.

For those who don’t know, Big Brother usually withdraws its HOH contest on Thursday, nominations on Friday and the veto contest on Sunday. Also during this part, HOH speaks 90% of their game and decides who they want to send home.

Live viewers can’t see the actual ceremonies and competitions on the channels, but they almost always find out what happened when the channels come back later. With the latest news, we probably won’t be able to see the unfiltered events of the week and rely on the edited episode for context.

Unfortunately, Big Brother can’t always include all the moments that fans think should be included in episodes. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, live broadcasts will take place over the next few days, despite the spoilers that may follow. This is unlikely, given that the eviction episode will not be live, but let’s see!

On Sunday, July 24, at 20:00, a special two-hour edition of “Big Brother” will be broadcast. ET on CBS. Get ready for a busy Sunday, when you will have something to talk about and something else that will shake up the game.