The first chapter of D&D: Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel is available for free


The first chapter of the new Dungeons & Dragons adventure anthology is now available online, as fans can read the beginning of “Journeys through the Shining Citadel” for free on D&D Beyond. Like Stories about the Gaping Portal and the Riddles of Candlekeep, “Journeys through the Shining Citadel” offer separate adventures for groups, each of which is associated with a mysterious citadel.

The Shining Citadel is located on the Ethereal Plane of the D&D multiverse, which is wrapped around the main material plane where most D&D campaigns take place. From afar, the Shining Citadel resembles a massive cityscape built around a colossal diamond. The location of the Shining Citadel means that it serves as a hub for merchants and travelers from across the multiverse, as well as providing access to various planes. In many ways, the Shining Citadel resembles the city of Sigil from the Planescape campaign setting, although Sigil is a more dangerous place because it is the center of the multiverse and attracts characters from all planes, including the possessions of demons and demons. devils.

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Wizards of the Coast recently postponed “Journey through the Shining Citadel” until July, but fans can read part of the book right now. The D&D Beyond website now has the first chapter Travels through the Shining Citadel, which tells about the basics of the citadel, including the various factions and important locations associated with it. The chapter describes the main setting of the book and does not contain any details about the thirteen adventures. The first chapter Travel around the Shining Citadel is available to those who sign up for D&D Beyond for free.

The Shining Citadel is a powerful bastion of the forces of good thanks to a myth–like aura that emits sunlight, allows you to use spells such as resurrection of the dead without material components, and forces all healing spells to use their maximum value, and not throw for the result. Those who try to attack the Shining Citadel will also have to fight with its powerful guardians, including an ancient brass dragon leading a group of archmages and magicians into battle. The Shining Citadel will be a great base for the D&D group if they have the means to get to it.

The main goal of Radiant Citadel is to offer masters an easy way to embark on a multiverse adventure. Perhaps soon it will be possible to fly Spelljammer ships through the universe, but it takes a lot of time, especially compared to spells that allow you to instantly teleport across the boundaries of reality. If the DM wants to take his adventures to different points in the D&D multiverse, then Radiant Citadel offers a convenient way for players to fly wherever they need to go next.